5 Questions To Ask Your Florist Before You Book

For many southern NH brides, looking for a good Nashua florist can be difficult, especially six months before the wedding! But if you want quality flowers at your wedding, here are several questions that you should be asking the florist you’re considering.


  • Do you have photographs of your work? Photographs are essential to seeing a florist’s creative work. The flowers in the photographs should be fresh and appropriately sized for the venue or the bouquets.
  • Have you done flowers for my venue?A good florist will not only have done flowers for either your particular venue or ones that are similar, but may be able to recommend flowers or arrangements that compliment the architecture, décor, or the wedding party.
  • What flowers are weather appropriate and in season? Some flowers are beautiful but will wilt very quickly in the hot sun. Likewise, a wedding filled with out-of-season flowers (like gardenias or orchids at a December wedding) is going to be pricier than the same flowers in June.
  • What’s included in the fees? Some florists offer wedding packages but hide their fees in fine print or refuse to tell you at all. Always ask for a written contract that specifies every single fee or cost.
  • Do you have references? A florist may look good on paper, but word of mouth often speaks more than pictures. If possible, ask other clients the florist has worked with to see whether they have had favorable experiences or not.


Anne’s Country Floral has done many brides’ weddings with almost 30 years of experience being in business. Recognized by Teleflora as being one of the top 500-1000 floral businesses in the country, Anne’s Country also holds regular floral contracts with several hotels and country clubs in the area. If you choose Anne’s Country as your florist, you can rest assured that your flowers will be memorable! Give us a call today or stop on by and see what we can do for you!

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