A Bouquet That Means Something

Custom Flower Arrangements by Anne's FloralsBouquets are a sign of thoughtfulness. Depending on the occasion, sending a bouquet is meant to tell somebody they are on your mind and you care for them. Very few circumstances can’t be made better by a bouquet. A lesser known fact is that your bouquet has a meaning to it outside of what you write on the little card. Most people choose a bouquet based on the colors, or how much the person receiving the bouquet likes a certain type of flower. Another way to choose a bouquet is based on what the flowers symbolize. Every flower has its own meaning. For instance, red roses are romantic, but only because they symbolize love. Visit your local flower shop in Nashua to look around.



Alstroemeria is a stunning flower that can come in many different colors. There’s orange, red, pink, and burgundy among others. Oftentimes called the Peruvian lily because of its resemblance to a miniature lily, alstroemeria looks beautiful in a bouquet. Choose bouquets with alstroemeria when you want to wish someone wealth and prosperity because that’s exactly what this flower symbolizes in nature.


Carnations are a favorite of school-aged children because they come in many different colors and are inexpensive. They pop up around playgrounds on holidays like Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day for fundraisers. A little-known fact is that the different colors of carnations have a different meaning connected to them. The red carnation symbolizes an aching heart or admiration. White carnations symbolize innocence and good luck for women. If you’re looking for a carnation to signify remembrance or thoughtfulness, go for pink. For options, visit your local flower shop in Nashua.


Hydrangeas are a big flower made up a lot of little petals. Just like the other flowers on this list, hydrangeas come in all different colors. Due to the amount of petals on each one, it’s common to find multiple colors within a single flower. Add hydrangeas to a bouquet to let the person know that you are grateful for them. Hydrangeas symbolize gratitude, and more specifically the gratitude of being understood. It’s a truly sweet sentiment anybody would be happy to receive.


Daisies are a classic flower that is actually two flowers in one. The center is one flower that is surrounded by the petals of another. Usually white, daisies are meant to bring hope to a person. A bouquet with daisies in it symbolizes new beginnings for the person receiving the flowers. They also symbolize that person sending the flowers is capable of keeping secrets. Something to keep in mind as well are Gerbera daisies. This category of daisies represents purity and cheerfulness, perfect for celebrating the birth of a baby.


Everybody knows roses and everybody loves roses. Here’s a breakdown on what the different colors of the traditional flower mean. Of course, red mean loves and romance. However, the dark red or crimson roses, represent mourning. Sending those in place of the lighter red roses can be a good way to kill the mood. Then there are pink roses symbolizing happiness, white symbolizing purity and self-worth. Stay away from the yellow roses when you can because they represent jealousy.


Picking bouquets can be fun. Aside from the beautiful colors, each flower has its own meaning to take into account. If you really want a person to feel timeless and enduring love, send succulents. For an elegant way to symbolize commitment, send dahlias. Remember, half the fun is how you pair the flowers to make your own meaning. For example, pairing dahlias with succulents can express your commitment to a timeless love. Have fun with it! For bouquet options from your flower shop in Nashua, check out Anne’s Florals & Gifts.

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