Anne’s Prepared for Any Occasion

Nashua floristFlowers are a staple of gift giving. People from all different walks of life can appreciate all the different types of flowers the world has to offer. Some like daisies, some like orchids. The only people who don’t like flowers seem to be those who are allergic. Due to the variety of species and colors of flowers, they’re nearly always appropriate for any occasion. The trick is making sure you match the right flowers and bouquets to the right occasion. This can depend on the colors or the shape and size of the bouquet. Anne’s Florals & Gifts is prepared for any occasion, and with this handy guide, you can be too.


Birthdays are a happy occasion meant to celebrate one more year around the sun. They’re also a great way to start off the next year on a good foot. Giving a bouquet as a birthday present is a classic way to show somebody they are loved and put a smile on their face. Of course, birthdays are a personal occasion. Because of this it’s best to choose a flower you know the person likes. On the occasion you don’t know their favorite flower, got for a bouquet with different types of flowers. Birthday bouquets should be colorful and eye-popping. Bright colors are known to make people happier. Being able to add balloons or gifts to your order makes Anne’s a one-stop shop for birthday presents.

Get Well

There are so many different kinds of illnesses and injuries in the world that listing them would be superfluous. The one thing every ailment has in common is that it makes the person with the ailment feel miserable. Bouquets are a great way to cheer up somebody who isn’t feeling well. It may not cure them, but it can bring a smile to their face when they’re otherwise feeling down. Unless, of course, they’re allergic to flowers, in which case another form of sentiment would be appropriate. When looking for get-well flowers, go for bright colors. Roses are always good and yellow roses represent happiness.

New Baby

Ushering a new life into this world is one of the happiest moments of a person’s life. For the baby, it’s the most important moment of their life so far. Sending bouquets to celebrate a new baby is always a good idea because they don’t require any upkeep from the new parents. They’ll have their hands full with the baby. Pink and blue flowers are classic choices for a baby bouquet, but keep in mind they aren’t the only options. In instances where you don’t know the gender of the baby, or you just want to go for something different, yellows and whites in a bouquet add a gentle feel and they go well with other colors. To make the bouquet even more fun, instead of a vase, try a bouquet inside of toy car or duck that can be kept as a keepsake later on.
For other occasions, like funerals and proms, bouquets are still a good choice. Flowers have a specific sentiment attached to them that is hard to put into words. They let people know they’re thought of. True, it can be a bit cliche, but there is a reason it’s a cliche. People love flowers and gifts and with Anne’s Florals & Gifts, you can be prepared for any occasion. To contact Anne’s Florals & Gifts, click here.

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