Anniversary Flowers 101

flower delivery Nashua NHAlthough there are many wedding traditions, one that seems to surface each year is the giving of flowers.  Beyond the traditional red roses, there are several choices in flowers that hold significance through their meaning.  This article will help you understand the meaning behind the most common flowers, as well as choosing the appropriate color.  Colors evoke feelings.  Knowing which colors to choose on which anniversary date is as equally important as remember the date!  Here at Anne’s Country Florals, we’re here to help make your special day a success.  From flower delivery in Nashua, NH, and surrounding towns to helpful tips that are sure to impress, we have you covered!



The most popular go-to when it comes to selecting flowers for your significant other is roses.  Long-stemmed red roses to be exact.  Red roses are a classic symbol of love, desire, and passion; a clear choice for anniversaries.  However, pink roses are a sign of gratitude, appreciation, and elegance.  Orange roses are a sign of passion, and lavender means love at first sight.  Perhaps a combination of colors to shake up the norm and send a more profound message is in order?



Similarly, carnations are a strong second choice behind roses.  A symbol of love and distinction, carnations can also vary in meaning depending on the color choice.  For instance, a deep red carnation, like the rose, is a symbol of love and affection.  Whereas a light red carnation represents admirations.


florist nashua nhDaisies

Another common flower seen in bouquets and gardens is the daisy.  Daisies bring with them a more light-hearted, playful tone than the above mentioned.  In meaning, daisies vary not only by color choice but variety.  This stems from the centuries of cultural influence behind the flower.  Depending on the heritage, daisies can mean anything from innocence to new beginnings, true love to harmony.  Thus, when presenting an arrangement of daisies to your significant other, you’re letting them know that you’re happy and in harmony with the way things are in your relationship.


Anniversary By Color

  •                1st Gold or Yellow
  •                2nd Red or White
  •                3rd White or Jade Green
  •                4th Blue or Green
  •                5th Blue, Pink, or Turquoise
  •                6th Purple, Turquoise, or White
  •                7th Onyx, Yellow, or Cream
  •                8th Tourmaline, Tanzanite, or Bronze
  •                9th Lapis Lazuli, Purple, Green or Terracotta
  •                10th Silver or Blue
  •                15th Ruby Red
  •                20th Emerald Green or White


With decades of knowledge and experience under our belt, the team at Anne’s Florals can help you make the right choice when it comes to your anniversary arrangement.  Visit us online for arrangement ideas, or give us a call to discuss the perfect options for your situation.  We offer flower delivery to Nashua, NH, and surrounding towns, not only making your arrangement a success but a welcome surprise!  Contact us at (603) 889.9903.

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