Benefits of Fresh Flowers On A Wedding Cake

florist Nashua NHWedding season is around the corner which means there are many details to be finalized.  The wedding cake hosts a significant role in the reception and should not be overlooked.  With all eyes on the newlyweds as they stand to cut the cake, every detail matters.  Be sure to choose the right florist in Nashua NH to illuminate your cake cutting ceremony.  The use of fresh flowers hosts many beneficial features when it comes to cake preparation.


Flowers are timeless.  This iconic symbol of beauty speaks words depending on color and flower choice.  Choosing colors and textures that tastefully compliment your wedding theme is essential.  An array of pastels and light greens cascading down your cake will create a tonality of elegance.  However, if your wedding is bright and bubbly, you may consider bright reds, oranges, and yellows.

Time Saver

Chances are, you went, you tasted, you chose, and you hired.  Hiring a professional to care for the cake preparations is typically the best option.  Leaving the details to someone with experience will give you peace of mind and save time.  Time may not be of concern directly to you, but overall you could save money.  The baker will charge you for the time and effort put forth while creating your masterpiece.  By using fresh flowers versus making sugar flowers or ice rose buds by hand, will make the decorating process more time efficient.


The use of fresh flowers on your wedding cake creates a customized look.  Beyond the flower choice and color, placement also plays an important role.  Flowers can be placed in several arrangements upon the cake creating different tonality.  Options include flowers between layers, cascading down the side, used as a cake topper, or used as a topper in combination with fresh fruit.  Of course, you need to be sure to create a look that represents your overall wedding style.  Whether it be whimsical, chic, modern, bright, or rustic, flowers are sure to enhance and compliment.


Roses, begonias, chrysanthemums, daisies, dandelions, and hibiscus are all favorite edible flowers.   What does this mean to you? If flowers are grown organically and are edible, they will not need to be removed before cutting.  Avoiding highly fragrant flowers is also suggested since the chemical compound may be absorbed into the cake flavoring.  Flowers like chicory and calendula can bring zest to the cake while lavender and hibiscus bring a mild herbal note.


The use of fresh flowers is best highlighted with a simple cake design.  Pure white buttercream or the trendy naked cake showcase the beauty and elegance of your desired result. It is always best to obtain your flowers from a trusted local florist.  A florist like Anne’s Florals can help you obtain organic chemical free flowers for your wedding cake. If you require a florist in Nashua, NH contact Anne’s Florals today at (603) 889-9903.

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