Best Mother’s Day Tips Ever

Mother’s Day is just around the corner on May 11. Show Mom how much you care with these thoughtful extras.

  • Surprise Mom at work. Women love to get flowers at work. It lets them brag about their loved ones and makes you look like a hero.
  • Send flowers early. She will be so impressed.
  • Send a plant. Beautiful flowering plants like tulips, orchids, or African violets last much longer than cut flowers. Mom will think of you every time she looks at them. Anne’s Florals and Gifts also offers potted Azaleas and gorgeous annual flowering hanging baskets for extra wow.
  • Send something memorable. If your Mom loves silly things, consider getting her a bonsai tree, succulent, or terrarium. We offer Good Luck Bamboo which is a clean, minimalist alternative to traditional flowers.
  • Send something sweet. Anne’s Florals and Gifts carries a selection of chocolates, fruit baskets, tea cup vases, and rose spa goodies as well as “Willow Tree” Collectables, giant fortune cookies, and more. Mom is sure to love the extra touch
  • Send her favorite colors. We offer every color under the sun from yellow to purple. We can help you find the exact right style to fit your Mom’s aesthetic.
  • Let her choose. Let Mom pick out what she likes best with an Anne’s Florals and Gifts gift card. No matter what happens, she’ll get a gift she loves.
  • Decorate the vase with her gift. Glue drawings, hang earrings, wrap scarves, attach a necklace. The sky’s the limit with our many kinds of vases. Visit our website to see more!
  • Celebrate all Moms. Send some flowers to Grandma, Mother-in-Law, Aunts, and family friends. Now is the perfect time to celebrate all women who have mentored you.

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