Birth Month Flowers

flowers-hudson-nhDid you know that along with your birthstone, you have a birth month flower? Culturally, we have assigned nearly every month and day with a particular item to represent those born at that precise moment. While birthstones are the more popular avenue for categorizing birth months, there are other ways to do so, like birth month flowers. Surprising your loved one with flowers to match their birth month gives a personal touch that many haven’t thought of before. Anne’s has a list of the birth month flowers we’re aware of!


There are two flowers for the month of January: the Carnation or the Snowdrop flower.


February also has two options: the Violet or the Primrose.


The month of March is another double flower month: the daffodil or the jonquil.


April brings you the Daisy or the Sweet Pea.


Bring in the Lily of the Valley or Hawthorn for the month of May.


Roses and Honeysuckles are good to present to those that are born in the month of June.


During the month of July, you will be graced with the Larkspur or the Water Lilly.


The height of summer, means that you have the Gladiolas or the Poppy.


Being born during the month of September, you have the choice of Aster and Morning Glory.


For the month of Halloween, we have the flowers of Calendula or Cosmos.


The only month with only a single flower, November has the Chrysanthemum.


The Narcissus and the Holly represent the month of December.

Every flower has its day, and the month is not different. Now that you know you can surprise all of your friends and loved one with their monthly flower. If you need a particular flower of the month delivered, call Anne’s Florals and Gifts today at (603) 889-9903!

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