Cherry Blossom Season

cherry blossumSpring is a beautiful time of year when flowers begin to bloom. Rather than rely on your florist in Nashua, you can stroll down the Trail and see some of the new flowers that are deciding to sprout. While we experience the little flowers coming from the ground, we may also see the occasional Cherry Blossom tree bloom.

Some of you may know where we are going with this, others may find out something completely new. This time of year in Japan is Cherry Blossom Season. That’s right. Japan has a whole season dedicated to Cherry Blossom’s and it is actually pretty amazing to witness. While it isn’t such a big deal over here in America, it is mainly because we don’t have many Cherry Blossom trees.

In your lifetime you have probably seen only a handful of these fragrant blooms. In Japan they have it every year. They even go so far as to make limited edition foods for this celebration of Spring.

Yes, we have our celebrations, fall should honestly be called Pumpkin Spice season from now on over here. But when you think about taking flower petals and putting them into ice cream, it becomes a bit more than just a season. It is a way of life in Japan. Pepsi has actually released a Sakura (Cherry Blossom) soda. Baskin Robbins has Cherry and Cherry Blossom ice cream this year, as well as Nike releasing limited edition Cherry Blossom sneakers. Cherry Blossoms aren’t just for being visually enjoyed during the season anymore.

A Cherry Blossom tree will only last in bloom maybe a week depending on the tree. The blossoms change in color from dark pink to a white. These trees are gorgeous to look at and have a subtle fragrance while producing tiny little cherries that birds like to eat.

Slowly Cherry Blossoms are gaining popularity in the United States. Washington DC actually has started a Cherry Blossom Festival that will run from March 20-April 17. This celebration is to honor the gift of 3000 Cherry Blossoms from the Mayor of Tokyo in 1912. These trees still bloom every year and the continued relationship between the United States and Japan is supposed to be honored every year with this festival.

With the unusually early warm weather, the Cherry Blossoms are actually expected to bloom early this year compared to years past. This is a good opportunity for the individual that wants to see the Cherry Blossom but can’t quite make it to Japan for their festival. This year the opening ceremony for the National Cherry Blossom Festival is March 26, so if you’re up for a ride, it is worth a go.

On the other hand, if you are a fan of flowers, your florist in Nashua will be able to provide you beautiful arrangements to mimic the beauty of the Cherry Blossom festival. Pinks and whites with delicate flowers will allow you to remember that there is true beauty out there, and flowers are the leader in the beauty line.

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