Creating Colorful Florals

Custom Flower Arrangements by Anne's FloralsIt’s true that flowers come in many different colors and those found in nature are beautiful and serve their purpose. While we love the natural look, Anne’s is a florist in Nashua that received a variety of requests for unique arrangements that require a change in color. Yes, creating different even unnatural colors in flowers is possible and it is completed often. Here are a few ways we have completed and seen color changes made in the past.

Dyeing spray

One form of dye that is used is a spray paint-like option that is used on the petals to create the color desired. However, unlike regular spray paint, it is gentle and will not harm the flowers that the florist is working on. This type of dye is usually applied with air brushes; they are then hung until they dry and the flowers are then added to the piece.

Absorption dyes

This is the easiest method that many can and do complete in their own home. The absorption dyes are taken in through the stem. Vases are filled with water and food coloring dye. Freshly cut stems go into the water and after a few hours, the flowers begin to absorb the dyes in the vase. The deeper the color wanted, the longer the wait will be. They are removed when the desired color is reached and they are ready to be a part of your centerpiece or bouquet.

Dip Dyes

This type of dye is a good way to bring deep color to the flower petals. The dip method is used to saturate the flower with a different hue than is already on the flower. The petals get a bath in water, food coloring and alum, a chemical compound used to help the dye do its job. The flowers are put face down so that the petals in the water and given a quick swish in the dye mixture. The flower is dried in a vase or a container for several hours before they are ready to be used in the arrangement.

Creating new colors for your florals is not a new process. This can easily be made to create the perfect floral arrangement for any event or color scheme. Call Anne’s Florals today at (603) 889-9903 for all of your arrangement needs and we will be sure that you will be glad you did!

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