Cutting Costs, Not Flowers

Custom Flower Arrangements by Anne's FloralsWhen you are planning a wedding, you want everything to be perfect. From the dress to the smallest decor. In all this planning, your budget should always be a top priority. Finding ways to help with your costs can ease the stress of your big day, and Anne’s has helped plenty of couples create arrangements for their wedding flowers in NH that work for their budget with these tips and tricks.

Seasonal flowers are the way to go

Picking your flowers is the tough part, but using your color scheme and season to make the decision can help. Your florist in Nashua, NH will know what flowers are available in bulk to help save you money.

Big blooms and leaves

Rather than going with flowers that are on the smaller side, consider larger blooming flowers. These flowers will give the perception of a full bouquet or centerpiece with fewer pieces. Also, if you add in some greenery with the flowers, your arrangement will look full and festive while only using a handful of expensive flowers.

Double-duty options

Rather than have separate centerpieces and bouquets for your bridesmaids, consider having the bouquets do twice the work. Getting affordable vases the girls can put their flowers in at various tables to act as lovely centerpieces.

Try a minimalist approach

Instead of picturing huge overflowing gardens in your hands, things about something small that will make a statement. Lots of lush greenery with a single red or white rose, or a few flowers in a cluster of baby’s breath and you have something simple that pops.

Consider alternatives

In the end, sometimes the flowers that you want are just too expensive no matter how small you make the arrangements. If this is the case, consider switching flowers to doppelganger flowers. Flowers that can create the same look, but cost slightly less.

At the end of the day, your wedding needs to be perfect. While you can DIY multiple parts of your wedding, some things just need a professional touch. Wedding flowers in NH are an important tradition, so it is key that you have them done the way you want to.

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