Death Valley Super Bloom

Wildflower blooming in Death ValleyDeath Valley National Park stretches between California and Nevada. It is considered to be one of the hottest deserts in the nation. With record breaking summer heat, steady droughts that dry it out this location has some of the most extreme variables. With mountain peaks getting coats of snow during the winter, tiny harbors with fish and an oasis as a refuge from the heat. Every so often rainstorms bring wildflowers as far as the eye can see.

With this year’s El Nino weather pattern, October brought a decent rainfall to Death Valley. This allowed for nourished soil to bring millions of seedlings to the surface since 2005 according to the Las Vegas Sun. Ultimately this super Bloom is going to last through march as long as the temperatures don’t dry it out too much.

The way the super bloom works is that the seed settle in the dirt. Once enough rain falls to wash stimulate the growth of the seed, they can start to settle in and grow. With the decent fall and winter months that brought rain showers and limited wind, the seed were able to remain in their spots. This led to the super bloom that we have been waiting for.

As of February 24th, on the National Parks Service website the bloom is moving north. The NPS website continuously updates how the flowers are doing in the Super Bloom this year. With Golden Evening Primrose and Purple Mat the florals that you can see at this year’s super bloom are amazing.

With a scare of high temperatures around the 17th of February the scare of an early end to the bloom was that the flowers would being seeding. However there is no reason that it would fall.

If you can make it out the the super bloom this year it would be worth a look. Some flowers that are usually seen during the Super Bloom are

  • Desert Five Spot
  • Golden Evening Primrose
  • Purple Mat
  • Mohavea
  • Gravel Ghost Flower
  • Caltha-leaved Pacelia

Each of these flowers bring a unique fragrance and view to the historic Death Valley.

Despite its name Death Valley is a National Park that harbors life that many individuals wouldn’t believe. With a super bloom like this, that could possibly not happen for another ten years is would be worth attempting to see while it was still fresh and blooming. This year the bloom started in January and so far has continued to be strong with variable rain and heat. Considering that some years there is no rain at all, the flowers have been sustaining in the harsh climate for nearly two months.

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