Did You Know Our Shop Offers Rentals?

flower shop in Nashua, NHSometimes, a rental is the best solution for your event. After all, there are plenty of advantages: it’s cheaper, convenient, and there’s no expected commitment. It’s so commonplace that our flower shop in Nashua, NH has become part of the trend! Whether you’re throwing a baby shower or getting married, we can go beyond custom arrangements and provide accessories for rent that will add extra flair to your big day.

  • What rental entails

You may be wondering what the things we offer beyond flowers are. We get it: you want to be sure that your investment is worthwhile and that whatever you rent from us fits your theme. We’re happy to help clarify. The items we offer are primarily decorative, like mirrors or lighting fixtures. Please feel free to contact us to get more information and discuss the more delicate details with us. We’ll walk you through the process and guide you.

  • Not just weddings

We’re happy to use our expertise for weddings, but we’re also open to providing items from our flower shop in Nashua, NH for other occasions. It’s important that any significant event that our client wants to make unique has the embellishments and details they need to be a success. So, if you’re throwing any large-scale celebration, see what we can do for you!

  • Customization is key

The reason we carry so many accessories is that we know how important it is to provide distinct decor for any event. We’re happy to work with you and create customized decorative arrangements so that your personality is present in every aspect of the gathering. Throughout the process, we’ll be a guide and find the ideal customized piece that will give your event the personality it needs.

  • A no-brainer solution

Rental is an ideal solution for people, and we’re thrilled to present it to our customers. When you rent items instead of buying them outright, you pay less, don’t have to worry about commitment, and get to have the benefits of using something special for the day (or several) that you have it without any strings attached.

Anne’s Florals & Gifts goes beyond being a simple flower shop in Nashua, NH. Our customized arrangements and rental are great assets we love having at our disposal, and we want you to take advantage. Give us a call at (603)-889-9903 and see what we can do for you today!

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