Earth Day!

The WorldWildlifeFund supports Earth Day. Click for more Info

The World Wildlife Fund supports Earth Day. Click for more information.

Earth Day is April 22 and fast approaching. Did you know that some of the early founders lived right here in New Hampshire? We come from a long line of ecology-minded people. As a lover of flowers and as a New Hampshire native, Anne’s Florals and Gifts naturally has an interest in preserving nature. We thought we would share some of our favorite ways to build an appreciation for the eco-sciences.


  1. Plant trees or a garden. While it is traditional to plant trees on Earth day, some participants choose to plant flowers or vegetables as a way of reminding themselves to buy locally. Here is a list of Earth Day events in your area.
  2. Armchair activism. There are many charities you can give a pledge or donation to which help promote environmentalism. Some of our favorites are: The Canopy Project,, The Climate Reality Project, and
  3. Watch a movie. Have an Earth Day viewing party! (See for cute ideas). Some really great family-friendly films are: The Lorax, WALL-E, Where Green Ant’s Dream, as well as “Fork’s Over Knives,” “March of the Penguins,” Discovery Channel’s “Planet Earth” and the BBC’s “The Blue Planet” documentaries (some of these are currently available to stream on Netflix).
  4. Give gifts. Do you know a house-bound individual? Give them a potted plant from Anne’s Florals and Gifts in NH to remind them that you care. Plants are proven to increase cheer as well as promote an interest in ecology. In honor of Earth Day you could attach a leaflet or include a list of eco-blogs. (Are favorite is, but do check out these lists here and here)


There’s lots of things to do in honor of Earth Day and they don’t have to be hard. Ask us about our NH flowers and plants as well as our locally sourced gifts!


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