Father’s Day

Flowers near the windowFather’s Day is just around the corner (June 15) and if you’re like many, you might be struggling to find the right thing for the special man in your life. Check out these suggestions:

  • Flowers: Did you know men liked plants too? The men in this forum appreciate the thought that flowers represent, although most prefer plants that “take care of themselves” or bouquets. They also preferred bold, tropical flowers with strong shapes instead of sweet pastels or roses.
  • Balloons: The helium is like an extra gift.
  • Sincere cards: just like you, men like cards that come from the heart—not just another store-bought poem.
  • Food baskets: it’s not just fruit anymore. Your man might enjoy a basket of nuts, candy, meats, or cheeses.

You can find all these and more at your local Anne’s flower shop in Nashua, Merrimack, Hudson, and many more locations.

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