Floral Superstitions

Custom Flower Arrangements by Anne's FloralsSuperstitions are tales passed down for generations. As children, we believed some of the more
unbelievable ones. However, many still remain as we become adults! Walking under a ladder, black cats, and the number 13 have all been tabooed in our culture due to their superstitions nature, and flowers are not immune to these rumors either! From what you should burn to cleanse the home to the flowers that will bring you luck, there is a meaning behind everything. So, what are some floral superstitions that are around?

  • Blowing on a dandelion seed using only one breath will show you how many children you will have
  • Likewise, if you make a wish on a dandelion, should you clear all the seeds away with one breath your wish will come true
  • Buttercups under your chin will tell you how much you like butter
  • You can ward off witches with marigolds and rosemary
  • Giving flowers to a performer before their show is bad luck
  • In some parts of the world, it’s bad luck to give a woman an even number of flowers
  • Roses are planted near graves to protect the dead from evil spirits
  • Throwing rose petals into a fire can bring good luck
  • Eating lilacs with five or six petals is said to bring good luck
  • Lilies used at weddings are said to bring divorce
  • Flowers that fade are to bring a house good news
  • If you pick the petals on a flower, moving back and forth between the phrases, “___ loves me” and “____ loves me not”, you will determine how the other person feels by the last phrase you say on the final petal
  • Anemones are used to prevent illness and bad luck.

Fortunately, we haven’t seen any of these flowers lead to catastrophic changes for any of our clients at Anne’s, but we love to think about how they came to be! Which ones have you heard? Next time you’re in our shop to order a bouquet or arrangement, let us know what tales you have heard about flowers! We would love to talk about our favorites.

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