Flower Highlights

Gardening is a staple in New England, and pretty soon it will be time to start getting dirty in the grass. The
folks here at Anne’s Floral and Gifts love this time of year. Once you see the tulips coming up, you know it is spring. We thought it would be a good opportunity to let you know what flowers to look out for and where you may be able to find them on a nice spring stroll.


Amaryllis flowers are spring bloomers. These flowers are long stemmed with, typically, white and red petals. They are also known as Belladonna Lilies or Naked Ladies. They grow very well in a garden as well as have a decent cut lifespan. A little bit of trivia, these flowers are related to a shepherdess in Greek Mythology. They say the flower sprouted from the blood of her heart, which she pierced with a golden arrow for 30 nights, on the doorstep of a shepherd she loved who did not love her back.


Named after 18th-century Swedish botanist Anders Dahl the Dahlia is typically a garden flower. The dahlia is a perennial which means it will bloom for multiple years without the need of replanting. Originating in South and Central America, they were taken back to Europe and cultivated on European soil. The largest variety of Dahlia’s can grow to be six feet tall and 12 inches in diameter with a variety of petal shapes and colors.


As a member of the Iris family of flowers, Freesia’s are “regarded as one of the most fragrant plants in the world.” The freesia flower has about 14 varieties of flower. The freesia comes in a variety of colors including: dark purple, orange, beige, and lavender

A little freesia trivia is that the freesia is the flower for the 7th anniversary of marriage. So you know what flower to get to celebrate those happy seven years together!


Jasmine is a fragrance that graces perfumes and lotions across the globe. Its name comes from Yasmin, which is Persian and translates as “’gift from God’.” Native to Asia the Jasmine is mainly white in color with a variation of the flower in yellow. Jasmine can be grown inside and outside as long as you have a type that will grow well in your climate, like with all flowers.


German botanist, Johann Gottfried Zinn, has a flower named after him in the Zinnia flower. Being both an annual and perennial plant depending on the strain, this plant will either need to be replanted every year (annual) or will continually bloom over time (perennial). A “single, long-stemmed” flower, the Zinnia originated in Mexico, is now the state flower of Indiana with over 100 varieties. These types can differ from the leaf shape and color to whether the flower has a “single row of petals or a dome shape.” Some colors that Zinnia’s come in are: red, yellow, purple, and chartreuse

Whether you’re looking to learn a little about the flowers around your home or you’re searching for an excellent arrangement made with fresh flowers, Anne’s has you covered!

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