Flowers for Holiday Decorations

Every December you crawl up into your attic and pull down all the knick-knacks and do-dads that make your house look like Christmastime. Between decorating the tree and hanging the stockings, your home already radiates goodwill towards others. Depending on the holiday you celebrate, your decorations will vary. However, looking at the same old decorations may say tradition to some. For others, the same decorations year after year can get tiring. This year, try something new. Talk to your florist in Nashua NH about using real flowers to liven up this holiday’s decorations.

English Primrose

Most people know that primrose blooms in the spring. However, the English Primrose thrives throughout the winter. You can get them in nearly any color. The small petals on long stems look great in centerpieces or even strung through your tree.


Pansies come in a variety of colors, both solid and bicolor. These flowers make any winter garden look lush and lively. Plant them in a pot, and you can enjoy them year-round indoors. Deep purple pansies are the best choice for winter aesthetics. Ask your florist in Nashua NH which color goes best with your decor.

Winter Jasmine

Everybody loves the scent of jasmine. Sadly, the winter jasmine doesn’t have the plants signature scent. These unscented flowers are still great for decorations though. Their yellow petals and green leaves make a great part of any bouquet.


If ever there was a flower name that sounded less festive, it’s hellebore. Nevertheless, these little white flowers bear the nickname “The Christmas Rose” due to their ability to grow in frigid climates. Who wouldn’t want a Christmas rose as part of their holiday decorations?

Witch Hazel

Nothing welcomes the Winter Solstice quite like witch hazel. These plants have a stunning orange bloom that grows in spidery reaches. Adding these to your decorations brings good karma to the holiday festivities.

Kaffir Lily

The Kaffir Lily has a magnificent red bloom that fits the color scheme of the season to a T. Having a bouquet of these to liven up your table is bound to impress your friends and families. The six-petal bloom goes well against hellebore to boot.
Holidays mean tradition, but tradition shouldn’t limit the decorations you put out each holiday. Spice up your holiday decor this year and add some fresh flowers from your florist in Nashua NH this year. For floral arrangements in your area, contact Anne’s Florals and Gifts at 603-889-9903 or visit us online.

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