Flowers for the Holidays

With the holidays just around the corner, there’s a good chance you’ve already started preparing. This time of year brings with it a sense of cheer and family bonding. No matter how cold it gets outside, the cooking and loved ones that come with these holidays keep you warm. Decorating for the holidays can be a big, yet fun feat. One part of decorating that you can really get creative with are the floral arrangements. Working with your local florist in Merrimack NH can show you options you may have never considered. Try some of these fun and festive flowers this holiday season!


Thanksgiving is a holiday meant to celebrate the pilgrims and Native Americans working together to overcome a horrible winter. The season is filled with deep reds and oranges in the landscape. You should bring those colors into your home. With Teleflora’s Country Pumpkin you can match imagery and color scheme!


Everybody goes for the obvious at Christmas: Poinsettias. While these are a gorgeous flower, try something different this year. The Visions of Love Bouquet arrangement has reds and whites that radiate holiday joy. The colors will go perfectly with your other Christmas decorations while standing out. As your florist in Merrimack NH about arrangements.


The Autumn in Bloom Centerpiece may be named after the fall, but it screams Hanukkah. The flowers are red and orange with white and green leaves for a festive touch. Coming from the middle of the centerpiece are two candles matching the red vase the arrangement sits in. It will make any table look ready for the holidays.
No matter what holiday you celebrate, there’s a bouquet for it. Your local florist in Merrimack NH has everything you need to decorate your home this holiday season. For flowers in your area, contact Anne’s Florals at 603-889-9903 or visit us online.

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