Flowers Reduce Clutter

Flowers near the windowI heard this story once about a grumpy old man who lived by himself in a dingy, run-down house with trash all around and peeling paint. He never cleaned or went out. One day, his young niece came to live with him and she was so sweet and loved roses so much that he bought her a little potted rose plant and put it in front of the window. She loved the little rose, but the window was so dirty that it wasn’t getting any light. The grumpy old man had to wipe it down in order to let the sun in. But then the curtains looked dusty and limp next to the bright window, so he took them down and washed them. Then the table looked nasty next to the clean, colorful curtains so he removed all the clutter and trash and polished up the table. Soon, his whole house was fixed up and the grumpy old man and the sweet young girl were very happy in their snug cottage.


I love this story because it’s absolutely true. Vicki Norris organizing expert on HGTV’s Mission: Organization states that “Placing flowers or a favorite accessory where clutter typically congregates does two things: it brightens the room and prevents future messes from settling there.” If your family has trouble keeping certain areas like entryways and kitchens, clean, first, make sure everything has a place to go to, then put flowers in places that collect a lot of clutter. She says “…beautifying your home can be an incentive to maintain your newfound order.”

We couldn’t agree more! Anne’s Florals and Gifts your friendly florist in Nashua NH, would love to help you keep your home lovely and stress-free. We have both cut flowers and potted plants for every kind of style. Give us a call or visit one of our locations! (Below, Photo Credits: Anne’s Florals and Gifts)

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