Flowers that Flourish in Winter

Custom Flower Arrangements by Anne's FloralsUnfortunately, winter is known to be a dull time for plants, even toward the end of the season. For many,
we associate winter with the sleeping trees and bare branches. While it is true that winter has often symbolized hibernation, many flowers bloom during these colder months. These flowers, while limited to their beauty, are a reminder that even winter with its short days and long nights is something beautiful that is worth celebrating.

Christmas Rose

The Christmas Rose is a beautiful flower that blooms in a lovely white. The white petals are offset by the yellow stamens of the flower creating a look of a beautiful star in a way. These flowers are beautiful and bloom during the winter months but are poisonous as with many winter plants.


Beginning the bud in January and opening through March the Daphne is a winter flower that shares its name with a character famous in Greek Mythology. With a light pink bloom and a four petal pattern, the Daphne is an intricate flower that graces us with its presence at the start of the new year.

Winter Jasmine

A ray of sunshine in the dark of winter, the winter Jasmine blooms from March to April when the ground is just starting to thaw. The small flowers make a statement as a ground cover with their bright yellow coloring that stands out on the dullest of days.


Known for its antiseptic capabilities, witch hazel is another winter bloom that comes in yellows and reds. Depending on the variety of witch hazel you can find the blooms from October through the winter months, but they do not last long.

Kaffir Lily

While in nature it will bloom in the summer, the flower can quickly bloom indoors in late winter. The Kaffir Lily is smaller than its sibling lilies and comes in a striking orange color that is eye catching on the dull winter days.


Known for their appearance the snowdrop is a particularly interesting flower. Once again a white flower the flower droops mimicking the snow that falls as it blooms. With a liking to cold winters, the flower can bloom with the cold weather, but warm winters will not help this flower to bloom.

These flowers are some of the lesser known winter blooms that you can find. While evergreens and poinsettias are typical for the winter seasons, these flowers can add a different intrigue to your winter. With short days that are filled with snow and cold, the presence of these flowers can help bring the doom and gloom of the short days to an end. The colors and the presence of life can do great things for your mood during the winter months so keep in mind that there are flowers out there for you!

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