Get in the Know with our App

Annes_FloralsIn today’s world it seems that everyone is walking down the street staring at smart phone or a tablet. These everyday devices make life easier on so many levels from calendars at your fingertips to video chats even to apps that will let you order anything (yes, we mean anything). At Anne’s Florals and Gifts, we have an app that will even allow you to order your loved one’s flowers.
Think about it. Did you ever look at the calendar and realize you have 4 days until Valentine’s Day or a birthday? You have a busy a schedule of work, driving kids to sports and various other events so when you have the chance to finally take a look on the computer who you are trying to buy flowers for is in the room most of the time. Tricky stuff, but we hear things like this all the time.
Life is hectic and doesn’t slow down for flowers so here at Anne’s Florals and Gifts we decided to be the florist in Nashua to make ordering super easy and fast. Using the Floralapp available on both Android and iOS systems you will be able to order those last minute flowers from anywhere, even at the Hockey rink! It is an easy app that will let us serve you in the best way possible, at the time that is convenient for you.
App-phobic? Don’t worry, we won’t let you figure it out on your own (though it’s super-fast and easy). At Anne’s we decided to give you a little insight as to what you can see and do in our app so you can finally say, yes, there is finally an app I need.
First things first, open your app store and find FloralApp and begin the download! Once you download from your app store you will be asked for a code (or zip code) on the first page of the app before you can move on. This allows you to connect directly with us so we can complete your flower delivery in Nashua and elsewhere no matter where you are when ordering!
Once you enter in our code (8899903) our name will pop up as the option for you to choose from. Simply click on our name and you are on your way to our little in-app shop where you can begin to find your perfect flowers.
Once you select Anne’s Florals and Gifts you will reach the main page of the app. Here will be some of our top sellers and recommendations scrolling across the screen. The app will be updated regularly for these pictures.
If you want to shop by category you can go ahead and follow any which direction your heart could yearn for, such as ‘For him’ or ‘Mother’s Day’. We even have a search tool for you! This app thought of everything you could need. The beauty of this is that we can continue to serve our customers from our little flower shop in Hudson no matter how busy life gets.
When using this app, you can use your PayPal account or any major credit card to complete your order. Your total is constantly being accumulated at the top of the app screen so you can see how much you are spending at all times. We love this because you will not be shocked once you get to the checkout screen. Once in the checkout panel you are free to select the quantity, delete or even continue shopping in the app to find more wonderful product. This app makes getting your loved ones the flowers they deserve easy!
From this app, you can even directly call with any questions from the phone icon in the upper left hand corner. It is so easy that you probably didn’t even need to read this post! The thing is, we are so excited to have another way to continue our amazing flower delivery in Nashua, NH that we just had to share!
With that said, stop by, use our app or give us a call for any of your flower needs.

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