Make The Most Of Flower Delivery in Nashua NH

You are lucky to experience a flower delivery in Nashua NH from a friend or a loved one wishing you well or offering their sympathies, and the blossoms are so beautiful that you try to prolong their life so you can enjoy it longer. These gestures of love and friendship are so meaningful that you want to do everything you can to enjoy the arrangement as long as you can.

At Anne’s Florals & Gifts, we get a lot of questions from clients asking us how they can make their floral arrangements last. There are a few things you can do to make that flower delivery in Nashua NH enjoy maximum staying power.


If it’s a hot day, use a spray bottle filled with water to revive your blossoms.  Make sure you spray from about eight inches away.  You’ll want to stay far enough away from the petals to make sure they don’t get drenched.  This could end up spoiling them instead.  Some flowers, like hydrangeas, really benefit from the occasional misting.  Some arrangements benefit more from misting than others, too.  These include arrangements when flowers will be out of water for an extended amount of time, like bouquets, boutonnieres, and floral foam arrangements.

Flower FoodFlower Delivery Nashua NH

One of the most common ways you can prolong your blossoms from your flower delivery in Nashua NH is to use the flower food that comes with the arrangement. Just make sure you change the water every four to five days.

Re-Cut Stems

When you receive a vase arrangement, you can re-cut the stems every few days to rehydrate the flower heads.  Without stem trimming, the ends will become waterlogged, causing the flowers to droop and the flowers to lose their petals.

Submerge In Water

Some flowers can survive being submerged in water.  Hydrangeas that have started to wilt can be submerged for a minimum of two hours or even overnight to revive.

With the proper TLC, you can significantly extend the life of your floral arrangements so you can enjoy them for many more days to come.  So the next time you decide you need to order a flower delivery in Nashua NH, let Anne’s Florals & Gifts take care of all of your floral needs for you.

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