How Do Flowers Affect Your Mood?

Flowers have been used as a symbol of giving for centuries, but a recent ten-month study performed at Rutgers by a team of researchers showed that flowers can positively affect moods and help to relieve stress. Other people reported increased memory and a more welcoming atmosphere. So how can flowers help to create a better mood?

1. Flowers immediately impact positive moods. Participants were given a pen, a flower, or nothing at all. Women who received the flowers always responded with a “real” smile and reported more positive moods even after three days. Men and women who were given flowers also responded with “real” smiles and engaged inmore positive behavior versus those who were given apen or nothing. Participants reported feeling less depressed and anxious and more satisfied with their lives. This experience was reported across all age groups!

2. Flowers promote intimate connections. An unexpected benefit to this study was that the other people in the participants’ lives experienced increased contact with family and friends. Thank-you notes, invitations to dinner and hugs and kisses were frequently reported.
3. Flowers can help the elderly. When flowers were given to the senior participants, they reported not only a more positive mood, but also increased episodic memory.
4. Flowers are a symbol of cheerfulness and sharing. People who displayed flowers in the main rooms of their house-such as the living room, foyer and kitchen-reported that the room felt more welcoming. A similar study performed by Harvard noted that people who viewed flowers in the morning felt happier and more energetic.

Today’s high-tech and fast paced world creates stress and tension. Floral arrangements have been proven to alleviate stress and anxiety in hospitals and offices alike; just their presence can influence several senses in a positive way for staff, customers, and visitors.

While some experts advocate yoga and meditation to relieve stress, some may argue that simply going to your local Hudson, NH florist and buying a bouquet of flowers can provide just as much happiness! 

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