How to Care for an Orchid

Orchids are a beautiful and elegant plant that can brighten up any home or garden. They have a long history of representing virility in Ancient Greece where there was a superstition that if a father-to-be ate an orchid tuber, the baby would be a boy and if a mom-to-be ate one, the baby would be a girl. In China, the orchid was the symbol of a married, and, when in a vase, it symbolizes unity. Another reason orchids are considered an elegant flower is because they require care. Available at your local florist shop in Nashua, here’s how to care for your orchids.



One surefire way to kill an orchid is to overwater them. Too much water will cause the orchid to wilt and the roots to rot. You can use a pencil, toothpick or another wooden skewer to see if the orchid needs water. If it comes out with soil stuck to the surface, your orchid is doing just fine on water. The best time to water an orchid would be earlier in the day. This gives the orchid a chance to absorb all the water throughout the day.


One aspect of an orchid’s care is feeding it correctly. Because of this, orchids are not a flower for lazy gardeners. If you’re ever unsure about how to care for your orchid, you can always contact a local flower shop in Nashua. One trick to keep in mind is finding a fertilizer with little to no urea in it. Giving your orchid smaller amounts of balanced fertilizers more frequently will be better for your plant than larger amounts of fertilizer less frequently.


There are a couple of reasons an orchid should be re-potted or transplanted. The first reason is easier to identify. You’ll notice when your orchid starts to grow too large for its pot. This can be solved by repotting the orchid in a larger pot, or by separating one plant into two plants. Another reason to repot an orchid is the quality of the potting soil. It’s time to repot, or simply replace the soil, when potting media begins to break down. This can be observed by the quality of the root system. If they look weak and dying, repot the plant in new media.


A few other things to keep in mind when caring for an orchid include where to grow them in your house and wondering why your orchid won’t rebloom. As far as where to grow an orchid, the room with the best lighting if the prime choice so long as it doesn’t get too hot. Insufficient light is also the most common reason your orchid won’t rebloom. For any more questions and to purchase an orchid of your own, visit Anne’s Florals & Gifts for a florist shop in Nashua, or contact them online.


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