How to Save Money on Flower Delivery in Nashua NH

With the rising costs of living, saving money wherever we can is a priority for many people.  When it comes to flower delivery in Nashua, NH, and surrounding areas, this is no exception.  Although it’s nice to send flowers to someone for a special occasion, or just because, it can also be very costly.  Here at Anne’s Florals, we’ve created this helpful article highlighting a few ways to help keep your costs reasonable.

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Order Direct

Although the convenience of online shopping is nice, it’s not always the most cost-effective method.  By resorting to old times and picking up the phone, you can put your money towards flowers instead of fees.  The big-name flower companies will mark up the cost and take a significant percentage, sometimes up to 20%, then send along the premade arrangement to your local florist.  By eliminating the middle man and calling your florist directly, you’ll avoid fees associated with online processing.


Don’t Be Picky

If you’re sending flowers without something particular in mind, you can plan on saving money! Calling your local florist and asking for an arrangement of their choice, within your budget, is the way to go.  Remember, your florist is an artist and a designer.  Leaving the decision up to the artist allows them to create the best arrangement for your needs, within your budget.


Plan Ahead

We know life is busy, but sometimes it pays to plan ahead.  When ordering flower delivery, this is one of those times.  Last-minute ordering and same-day flower delivery in Nashua, NH, and surrounding areas will undoubtedly cost you more in charges.  Although many of us are willing to pay the added fees to save ourselves from being the one “who forgot,” it will save you to set yourself a reminder.  Set an alert on your phone’s calendar to remind yourself a few weeks in advance to place your flower order.


Consider Self-Delivery

If time allows, considering self-delivery can be an even better surprise.  If your flower delivery is local, and you can get out of the workplace for a bit, delivering that special someone an arrangement in person is a sure way to melt their heart.  Beyond the thought of flowers, you’re giving them your time, and nothing can compete with that gesture during a hectic day!


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Next time you’re considering flower delivery in Nashua, NH or surrounding towns, all Anne’s Florals direct.  Our team of experienced designers can work with any budget.  Creating beautiful arrangements that are sure to make your recipient smile is our specialty.  Call us today at (603) 889-9903 to schedule your next delivery!

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