Keeping Things Fresh

Custom Flower Arrangements by Anne's FloralsEveryone has had that one experience where the minute you get your bouquet it seems as though you kill it instantly. Within 24 hours the flowers are significantly droopier and you feel as though you are the Grim Reaper for flowers. Well, it isn’t you, any Nashua Florist will tell you that. It is natural for the flowers to start to wilt after being cut. They stay fresh at the florist because they keep them in the fridge.

Now, you want to enjoy your flowers not keep them in the fridge, so unless you remember to find room in your fridge every night, your flowers won’t last very long. There are a few tricks however to extend their shelf life. When you cut flowers you take away their ability to pull nutrients so they will perish eventually. But you can enjoy them a bit longer, just by adding a few everyday things to the water according to Reader’s Digest.


Usually done with clear soda so you don’t discolor the water, all you need to do is add about ¼ of a cup to the water and presto, longer lasting blooms. The sugar in the soda is what helps them bloom longer. It provides them with the nutrients they are being deprived from once cut.

Hair Spray

Just like with your own hair it preserves the look of the petals. It may not make the actual flower last long, but it will definitely keep the looking fresh.

Apple Cider Vinegar

2 tablespoons of vinegar with 2 tablespoons of sugar for longer lasting flowers, count us in. Sugar, like with the soda, helps the flowers maintain their bloom by providing nutrients and vinegar will help keep the water in balance.

Bleach or Vodka

When you as ¼ teaspoon of bleach to the water per quart, you will get longer lasting flowers. On the flip side, a few drops of vodka (clear spirits really. Like with the soda, you won’t cloud the water that way.) with a teaspoon of sugar will also help. The bleach and the vodka are antibacterials. They will help keep any growth from happening and the sugar will provide nutrients.


Copper in pennies will act like an acidifier so it will prevent bacteria growth. And whatever you do, don’t forget the sugar!


Crushed up aspirin will also help maintain the look of your flowers. Add it into the water before you add your flowers and you will be good to go.


Sugar is important in every preservation technique because it provides the nutrients the flowers need to continue to bloom.

When you get a flower delivery in Nashua, NH many times they come with flower food packets. This will help for a little while, but when you change the water, you need to find a new way to provide your flower for nutrients. Make sure you remember to change the water though. Still water will lead to bacterial growth so you need to be on top of that. If you try any of these tricks your flowers from your Nashua florist will stay fresh for you a little longer.

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