Luscious Weddings—Using Potted Plants to Make a Luxurious Space

Succulents look great in any arrangement!

Succulents look great in any arrangement!

Here at our little flower shop in Nashua, NH, we’ve noticed a growing trend towards eco-friendly weddings. You may have noticed more brides turning toward in-season or locally grown flower choices which are both cheaper and less wasteful to grow. Growing flowers out of season requires greenhouse lights, chemical fertilizers, and lots of water. Using out of state flowers requires additional shipping expenses and emissions. One way brides are combating these issues are by choosing hardy flowers or even potted plants to expand the use of their cut flowers.

Potted plants are a great addition to any wedding. They are generally cheaper, require less maintenance, and can be used over the course of several days without getting bedraggled. Imagine using the same plants in a unique arrangement for the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, and reception. That’s some hard working flowers!

Yet another underground trend is using succulents, moss, and ferns for centerpieces and other decorations. They are often coupled with candles, water features, or meaningful ephemera. They range from the plush Victorian style to the sweet country-cottage style and can often be combined with more traditional bouquets. Consider a lush, leafy fern, moss, and log centerpiece or a simple, geometric succulent and candle table décor that doubles as wedding favors. Perhaps you would like quaint African Violets planted in shabby-chic bricks. Whatever your offbeat idea, talk to your NH wedding florist. We’d be delighted to help you pick the exact right combo for your sensibilities and your wallet.

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