Mother’s Day Flowers You Can Plant

flower shop Nashua NHNow that Mother’s Day has come and gone, chances are you are still enjoying a beautiful arrangement of some sort.  However, what many people don’t realize, is that many of those thoughtful flowers can be planted and enjoyed for years to come.  With the abundance of online resources, it is easy to figure out which flowers you can save.  However, stopping into your local flower shop in Nashua, NH will also prove to be a reliable resource.



Whether you received hydrangeas in the form of cut flowers, or a potted plant, this type of plant is an excellent choice for outdoors.  From gardens to borders, hydrangeas produce large blooms that come back year after year.  Of course, transferring a potted plant to the outdoors is a much easier task then rooting cuttings yourself.  However, starting a plant from fresh cut stems is possible.  The experts at Farmer’s Almanac have created this helpful guide to start you in the right direction.


One of the most popular flowers, roses make a beautiful addition to any outdoor area.  However, unlike hydrangeas, roses can only be planted if received in the form of an actual potted plant.  Further, these delicate flowers are a bit picky about when they like to be planted.  Luckily, Mother’s Day falls at the perfect time when it comes to planting roses.  Late spring or early summer is the best time to dig your roses outdoors and get the best results.


Perhaps you were gifted a lily plant for Mother’s Day.  If so, your ideal planting time will depend on a few different elements.  Lily bulbs are best planted in the fall, a few weeks before the cold temperatures set in.  However, particular areas that have incredibly harsh winters may find that spring bulb planting produces better results.  Chances are you didn’t receive bulbs for Mother’s Day, which is excellent news! Container grown lilies are safe to plant anytime during the summer months.


If you’re uncertain about the flower you received, stop into your local flower shop in Nashua, NH.  At Anne’s Florals & Gifts, we have a team of experienced experts that can help answer any questions you may have.  Visit them online or stop by the store today to be sure you make the most out of your Mother’s Day flowers (603) 889-9903.

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