Principles of Flower Arranging: Texture

At Anne’s Flowers and Gifts, we know what makes a good flower arrangement. We carefully construct the design of each flower arrangement via the artistic use of elements such as color, size, and texture.

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One of the elements of a good flower arrangement is texture. Texture can be especially important in winter when traditional flowers are out of season. Careful selection of grasses, reeds, ferns, moss, stones, and more can make the difference between just another vase of flowers and a living work of art. (Above: Different plants have different textures: reedy, flat, spiky, fuzzy, leafy, and more.)

Different textures can be achieved by different species of plants, color, natural filler, or even statuary. Below are some examples of flower arrangements that might interest you texturally.


daffodil crop This vase of daffodils is interesting because of the homogenous soft texture it has. Sometimes simplicity is the key to a peaceful, harmonious space. Couple the repetitious texture with a cheerful color and you’ve got yourself a happy nook.






Similarly, this wavy branch is a subtle, yet interesting artistic piece. It would be at  home by itself or to punch up a vase of flowers. 





Here, the texture is varied, though a harmonious whole is created by the simple color choices. Brown grass filler with rough pinecones create a background for the round red and green flowers. Even the vase is united as a whole. The opaque color draws the eye upward while the little red and green decorations mimic the flowers on top.






This piece has different textures in matching colors. The red, long blades correspond with the round red flowers while the petite white filler sprinkles the background with airy texture. Visual interest is maintained by the high, pink flowers at the top. 







Finally, stone, driftwood, or even man-made objects like this saintly statue can be used as a focal point. Notice how the entire piece is white and green. The interest lies in the tall fluffy spikes in the back, the soft, lush roses in the front and the smooth figure in the middle.

(Photo credit: Anne’s Florals and Gifts)


Here at Anne’s Florals and Gifts, we think about how to make you the best flower arrangement possible. Anne’s more than 30 years of experience and a Master’s level education in Floral Design makes her the most reputable source for any-occasion flowers.


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