Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue

We have all heard the famous poem, but have you ever stopped to think about it? Communication through flower choice has been around for centuries. With Vnashua nh flower shopalentine’s Day around the corner, the demand for long-stemmed roses will increase dramatically.  Why not carnations or daisies? Each flower and every color send its own message.  Before you call your order into your local Nashua, NH flower shop, take a minute and explore your options.


Being the flower of romance, the rose is the obvious choice at Valentine’s Day.  Red roses yell “I love you” from the top of their petals. Take the red a shade deeper to crimson: it is now a sign of mourning or death.  A white rose represents a new beginning or a fresh start, and yellow for friendship.

Roses date back 35 million years to ancient Greek mythology. They’ve made their presence known in English gardens for centuries and even named wars, The War of the Roses, and sporting events like the Rose Bowl.  Their history is long and meaning defined so be sure to choose correctly.


Also a symbol of love, the carnation too has several meanings.  Where the crimson rose symbolizes sadness, the crimson carnation symbolizes love and affection.  Pink carnations represent a mother’s love and white for pure love.  Yellow represents disappointment.  Quite the opposite of the yellow rose!

There are many stories on the history of the carnation in Christian legends and Greek mythology.  Culture plays a significant role in the symbolism as well. In France, the traditional flower in funerals is the purple carnation.  Where in the Netherlands people wear white to honor the country in WWII.


The flower of innocence and hope, the daisy comes in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. White and yellow are the most common colors.  White reflecting purity, innocence, and healing while yellow represents communication and creativity.

The daisy generally is associated with happiness, cheer, love, and fertility.  “She loves me She loves me not” has been a popular past time of plucking daisy petals in the hope that the last petal says, “She loves me!” “Fresh as a daisy” originated from an Old English saying meaning someone had a good night’s sleep.

Choosing the right combination of flower and color never seemed so important! With a variety of flower shops in the Nashua, NH area to select, Anne’s Floral’s is there to help.  Contact them today at 603-889-9903 or visit them online with assistance in making the right Valentine’s Day choice!

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