The Best Winter Wedding Colors

Getting married is one of the most significant life choices somebody can make. You start dreaming about it from a young age. Part of the reason weddings are so appealing comes from the feelings of love and dedication. Another aspect that feeds into the wedding fervor is the fashion and festivities. Planning a wedding almost wholly depends on the color scheme the lucky couple chooses. When you’re planning a wedding, you have to coordinate with your florist in Merrimack NH and your wedding party on which color fits best. These color schemes are sure to create a stunning winter ceremony.

Red and Brown

Picking the right color depends on the personality of the two trading their vows. For those who live a rustic sort of life, red and brown are the colors for you. You can incorporate red roses from your florist in Merrimack NH. To accent the depth of these, use lighter colors to highlight the decorations. Plus, these colors make for a beautiful farm wedding.

Silver and Blue

Getting married in the winter means the landscape will be draped in white. A silver and blue color scheme emphasizes that backdrop to create a winter wonderland motif. Everybody dreams of the perfect winter wedding, and these colors make that dream come to life.

Mauve and Jade

If you love the blush and eucalyptus color palette of the spring and summer, mauve and jade are the colors for you. Mauve and jade are the winter equivalent and create a classy look. The darker tones make for a romantic color scheme perfect to say “I do” to.

Purple and Champagne

For glamor and opulence, purple and champagne are the colors for your winter wedding. The dark shades of purple will create a rich depth to your event. By offsetting with the bubbly champagne shade, you’re giving dimension to your florals, clothing, and decorations.

Cream, Gray, and Copper

Finding the right combination of trendy and chic can be hard. Cream, gray, and copper achieve that combination perfectly. The cream and the gray make a great highlight to the stunning copper.
Picking the color scheme for your wedding is going to set the tone for the entire occasion. For winter weddings, the colors and decor stand out even more. Talk to your wedding party and florist in Merrimack NH to find the perfect colors to match your personality and romance. For a florist near you, contact Anne’s Florals at 603-889-9903 or visit us online.

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