The Care and Keeping of Orchids

Orchids are among some of the most luxurious flowers you can give someone. However many times, people give orchids and wonder why the plant fails to thrive. The key is to give orchids based on the temperature of your home and how much light the plant receives. How do you know what to buy? Below is a short guide to purchasing orchids in the future!

Different Varieties

Orchids come in thousands of different color combinations. Most garden centers and florists carry a limited election of orchids from tropical regions but in the natural world there are over 20,000 different types of orchids that grow in regions ranging from jungle to arctic temperatures. Orchids are found all over the US and Canada and can even grow in Alaska.

For purposes of gift giving, you’ll want to look for varieties that have seasonal growth and hard leaves. Orchids are also grouped into cool, intermediate and warm varieties depending on the plant’s night requirements.

Care And Keeping

When selecting your orchid, make sure that the orchid is securely rooted in the pot and has lustrous, healthy flowers and firm, green leaves. Orchids that have spots on them should not be bought, as these can indicate a sign of disease. If you keep a humidifier near your orchids, or make sure the orchid is kept on a moist tray of pebbles, it will keep the orchid fresh and healthier for longer.

Sometimes, orchids will not bloom if the daytime and nighttime temperatures are the same, or if there is insufficient light. Orchids also vary widely on their water requirements, with some tropical orchids needing only 15 seconds of watering, while others require six to eight weeks of reduced watering.

Before giving an orchid as a gift, doing some research into the different varieties and the amount of the care the plant needs is always a good choice. If you decide to give an orchid as a gift, you can be assured that the plant will be treasured for years to come if it is given the proper care.

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