The Happiest and Hardest Job to Have

There are few jobs out there that deal with the full spectrum of emotion as a florist does in Nashua, NH. Flowers are a universal gift used by many people to celebrate or mourn a number of occasions. Because of that, florists become a part therapist, part friend, part day-maker, part flower expert.

No matter how long you do something, these circumstances are always tough for all parties involved.  Florists see the customer throughout the entire grieving process and help make these difficult decisions along side them. Many times, it can feel too much to bear.

When you talk with a person who is finding flowers for their loved one, you try to do the best you can to embody the love they had for them in florals. Regularly, we are faced with finding the right flowers, creating a beautiful arrangement, and hoping our client loves the work we were able to create. It is a huge weight on our shoulders, but the honest, dedicated florists in Nashua don’t mind one bit.

Fortunately, for all the heartache we see at Anne’s throughout the year, it’s met with equally as many beautiful, joyful experiences that we get to be apart of.

We get to witness the first corsage for young couples going to prom, the first anniversary bouquet, the arrangement someone will receive the night they get engaged. We see the milestone celebrations; the weddings, the baby showers, the birthdays.

While we do handle the hard stuff, we also get to see the joy. As a local florist in Nashua, we get to see every emotion that the human spirit is capable of and we are still going strong. At Anne’s, we love that we can see this side of our customers whether they know they show it or not. We think that this is what makes the job we do the best career we could have chosen.

Any of your flower needs, call Anne’s today and we can help you figure out any stage in life you are at with flowers. Call us at (603) 889-9903.

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