The History Of The Bridal Bouquet

Weddings have many associations and traditions surrounding them, from the gown, to placing pennies in the bride’s shoes, to the bridal cake and even the rings. But none have earned as much symbolism as the bridal bouquet. Did you know that the bouquet carried by brides goes back thousands of years? Read on to discover more about the history of this beautiful tradition.

Warding Away Spirits

In Ancient Greece and Rome, brides and grooms wore flowers around their necks as a symbol of new life, hope and fertility. Among the Celts, brides carried small bouquets of herbs and spices not only because they smelled nice, but also because the strong scents of lavender, ivy and thistle were believed to ward away evil spirits. Some brides even carried bulbs of garlic in their bouquets!

A Hidden Language

When Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in 1840, most of the herbs were replaced with flowers, most of them edible ones. The bride, groom and guests at the reception ate the herb dill, believed to increase the desire for true passion. During Queen Victoria’s reign, flowers were often given new meanings and symbols, and the “language of flowers” came into its own. Flowers were viewed as a coded way for lovers to send secret messages to each other. Many beautiful blooms were given undeserved meanings and these continued to influence bridal bouquet choices for decades afterward.

Modern Era

Today, many brides do not care about the meaning of flowers and instead choose flowers based more on shape and color than any hidden meaning. Of course, the colors of those flowers will be chosen based on tradition (all white roses for a super formal event) or because the bride has chosen a certain theme (nature bouquets include freeform bits of foliage, sticks and several wildflowers).


No matter what flowers you choose, the bridal bouquet is one of the most meaningful traditions any bride will have. At Anne’s Florals & Gifts, your local flower shop in Hudson, NH, you can customize your bridal bouquet to create a statement that is as beautiful as you are!

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