The Power of Flowers

Have you ever wondered why we give flowers to people who are grieving or sick? Scientists have discovered recently, that it’s not just a tradition; flowers impact your psychological and emotional health in many wonderful ways.

  1. HW0_388170Natural Mood Regulators:More than one study shows that flowers increase feelings of happiness, well-being, calm, and intimacy. People who received flowers not only showed a “true” enjoyment smile (rather than the fake, polite smile) but universally demonstrated honest gratitude and delight. Furthermore, a Harvard study done by Nanch Etcoff, Ph.D showed that people who saw flowers in the morning upon waking up reported better morning moods including cheerfulness, vitality, patience, and compassion. And people who are in better moods transfer that mood to others they meet. Indeed, flowers correlated with long term happiness and increased contact with family and friends.
  2. Natural Social Connector: The same Reuter’s study concluded that flowers make a space seem more welcoming causing people to linger and broaden their social spheres. Flowers also help to reduce anxiety and promote compassion—necessary ingredients to a successful social encounter. Flowers are also routinely used to demonstrate sympathy and solidarity, making their use in funeral arrangements that much more beneficial.
  3. Natural Pain Depressants: Several clinical trials conclude that people exposed to nature while recuperating are not only more cheerful, but heal faster. Patients recovering from gall bladder surgery were given a room with a view of the park or a view of a brick wall. The ones near the park used less pain medication, complained less to the nurses, and left earlier.HW0_372632
  4. Natural Creativity Boosters: A Texas A&M study tested the use of plants and flowers in the workplace. People who were exposed to plants demonstrated more innovative thinking, an abundance of ideas, and more flexible and creative solutions to problems than those exposed to statuary or no decorations at all.
  5. Natural Brain Aids: A similar study showed that flowers help seniors cope with aging. Flowers decreased depression and anxiety (which is proven to retard healing and movement) in seniors, refreshed recent memory, and encouraged companionship. Those things in turn increased their body movement which aids arthritis, heart disease, senility, and more.

Dr. Jeannette Haviland-Jones, professor of psychology and director of the Human Development Lab at Rutgers sums up what we know instinctively: “Happier people live longer, healthier lives and are more open to change. Our research shows that a small dose of nature, like flowers, can do a world of wonder for our well-being…”

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