Top Color Schemes for Winter Weddings

It’s an age-old debate: what is the best time of year to get married. While the consensus has decided that fall is by and large the best season for weddings, it needs to be stated that every day of the year is a perfect time for love. Winter in New England can get cold, but there’s something that happens to the landscape that is so romantic. The bare trees in the background, the stark skies, and the snow-covered hills seem haunting and yet stunning. Choosing a color scheme for a winter wedding is easy when you talk to your florist in Nashua NH. Try these gorgeous and dramatic color schemes.


Choosing a metallic color palette for your wedding screams opulence. Everything carries an aura that shines. A metallic color palette includes silver and rose gold which have grown in popularity over the years. To enhance these colors, offset them with a dark eggplant purple and raspberry. There’s nothing like seeing a bride in silver standing beside bridesmaids in raspberry.


A monochrome color scheme uses variants of the same color to enhance the other shades to a beautiful effect. The best use of this for a winter wedding is purple. There are so many shades of purple that look nothing alike and yet flatter each other. Pair deep purple, cherry, meadow flower, and lilac together, and you’ll have a wedding palette to remember.


When looking at color palettes, one you’ll often see if Jewel or Muted. These colors are rich to look at and make any event seem more sophisticated and regal. Jewel tones you see regularly are champagne and berry. If you take these and put them with less used jewel tones like dark ivy and pewter, you’re sure to impress. Talking to a florist in Nashua NH can help find a bouquet to match.
Never underestimate the beauty of a winter wedding. From the dress to the shoes to the flowers, your color scheme should be something grand and yet sophisticated to show off all facets of your beauty and personality. Talk to your local florist in Nashua NH for all your options. Contact Anne’s Florals at 603-889-9903 or visit us online.

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