Turn Your Home into a Haunted House for the Holidays

With Halloween coming up, it’s your first chance to really go all out with holiday decorating. Sure you can plant a tree for arbor day (and you should!) but the end of the year is when all the fun decorating comes around. Something that makes decorating for Halloween difficult is the change of the seasons. Sure, the fall has apples and pumpkins and gourds to make decorating easy, but you want to stand out! Your local florist in Nashua NH can help. Here are some fun and creative ideas for decorating your home this Halloween!


Black and Orange

These holiday colors are eternal. You’ll never see a Halloween that isn’t polka-dotted with oranges and blacks all over the place. Using flowers in these colors is a simple gesture to bring out the holiday spirit. Orange roses are a beautiful twist. The same can be said for orange lilies. Putting orange flowers on a black table top or black vase doesn’t scream “Halloween!”, but gives your home a ghostly whisper of “Boo!” Black flowers are harder to come, but nothing is stopping you from spray painting your bouquet to give it that cheerful, dead look.

Spooky Vases

Spooky vases are the most fun way to prepare for Halloween. Sometimes you just want your favorite flowers even if they don’t go with Halloween. There’s nothing wrong with loving pink or purple flowers. Put them in a holiday vase to bring Halloween to life. You can make a mummy vase for your flowers with just one ordinary vase, some gauze and a pair of googly eyes. For the adventurous, try carving a pumpkin and letting your flowers rest in there.

Neutral Colors

They say white goes with everything. Ghosts are white. Skeletons are white. Vampire fangs are white. There’s no rule out there telling you to use orange and black for Halloween decor. Flowers in neutral colors are a gorgeous way to decorate your home. When you pair a neutral flower with a spooky vase, you’re sending Halloween vibes to everybody who sees it.

Paint and Trinkets

Your local florist in Nashua NH can get you all the best flowers in the world, but you can always add to them. For those who don’t like carving pumpkins, painting is a great alternative. It gives you the creative license to get your Halloween tidings out to the world. There are always little trinkets like plastic spiders and rubber snakes you can add to a bouquet to give people the creeps too. When it comes to Halloween, nothing is outside the box.


Halloween will be here before you know it. There’s a good chance you’ve put a lot of thought into your costume, but what about your home decorations? Visit your local florist in Nashua NH to find the perfect flowers for you. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Contact Anne’s Florals & Gifts at 603.889.9903 or visit them online!

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