Welcome September: Aster

With the cooler air quickly settling into New England, fall is arriving.  With fall comes a new variety of fresh flowers that are popping their heads from the ground.  For example, September brings to us its birth flower: aster.  As a premier florist in Nashua, NH, the designers at Anne’s Florals love incorporating the flowers of the season into their arrangements. Here’s a little bit of information on one of our monthly favorites.


The Story

Aster has a strong tie to ancient Greek mythology.  Translated to English, the word Aster means, “star.”  This meaning comes from a long-told story about the Greek God, Astraea.  As one of the last immortals to live with human, Astraea abandoned Earth during the Iron Age.  As the goddess of innocence and purity, the inhumanity of civilization became too much to handle, and she fled for the stars.  However, it’s been said that before her flight, Astraea was saddened.  As her tears hit the ground, they turned into star-shaped flowers; now known as aster.


The Meanings

As September’s flower, asters are known to symbolize faith, wisdom, and purity.  Although the most common color seen with aster is purple, there are other versions as well.  Much like any flower, especially the rose, depending on the color of the aster, the meaning behind it can change.

  • Purple asters symbolize wisdom.  As a long-time symbolic color of royalty, purple asters portray nobility as well.
  • White flowers symbolize purity and innocence in many different flower varieties.  Asters are no exception.  Along with these two meanings, white can also portray a new beginning.
  • Red and Pink asters are the perfect touch when designing an arrangement for someone you care for.  Although they’re less common, the hues symbolize love and devotion.  Perfect for the significant other or best friend in your life!



If you know someone with a birthday in September, consider sending them an arrangement filled with colorful asters! As a long-time trusted florist in Nashua, NH, Anne’s can provide a unique flower bouquet filled with asters and other seasonal favorites.  Call us today at 603.889.9903 and schedule your September flower delivery.

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