Welcoming August with Birth Month Flowers and Meanings: Gladiolus

flower delivery Nashua NHLong before modern day technology, people used alternate methods to communicate with one another. For instance, floriography was a common language in the 18th and 19th centuries. Floriography, otherwise knows as the language of flowers still holds its place in today’s world as well. However, we tend to use popular fallbacks, such as the red rose to show our love. Here at Anne’s, a premier flower shop in Nashua, NH, we thought it would be fun to honor each month with the recognition of its named birth flower. So, here we go August, hats off to you and the gladiolus.


The History

In past times, one way to show appreciation to those born in August was to honor them with the flower of their birth month, the gladiolus. The tall, striking stalk of bloom is sometimes referred to by its Latin translation, the little sword. Gladioli are also referred to as xiphios, which in Greek also means sword.
Speaking of its history, the British and Mediterranean gladiolus plants were often used for medicinal purposes centuries ago. For example, the base of the stem was used as a bandage to extract splinters or other small sharp objects, such as thorns, from the skin. However, parts of the gladiolus are poisonous if ingested or may cause an allergic reaction so unless you’re keen on the ins and outs of this flower; we don’t recommend experimenting.
Originally there were only around seven species of gladiolus that grew in South Africa. However, today, there are more than ten thousand varieties in existence. A popular choice for garden enthusiasts, the gladiolus comes in several colors, patterns, and sizes. Thus, it’s also ideal for a touch of dramatics in a floral arrangement.


The Meaning

Whether you’re looking for a unique flower to add to an arrangement, a gift to give that August baby in your life, or an eye-catching element for your garden, the gladiolus will serve your needs. Because of its strong heritage and literal meaning, the gladiolus is a flower of strength. Seen as a sign of luck and protection during the time of the gladiator, gladiolus have come to portray strength in character.
However, like many flowers, the meaning can vary between cultures. For instance, in China, these flowers are believed to help those who have passed find their way to the heavens. Hence, the strong presence of gladiolus in many funeral arrangements. In the Victorian Era where romance was in the air, the gladiolus was thought capable of piercing someone’s heart to cause infatuation.

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