Which Flowers Thrive in the Fall?

The change of seasons means many different things. For one, the start of autumn means the weather will start to get chilly. For some, this means apple picking and corn mazes. For others, this means the time for gardening is coming to a close. As seasons change, so do the flowers that grow. Visit your local flower shop in Nashua NH to discover what kinds of flowers are available for bouquets and planting in the fall. For now, here are some flowers that thrive during this time of year.


Autumn Crocus

Crocuses are a breed of flower that grows and blooms at different points throughout the year. The autumn crocus is a variety of crocuses that waits until the fall to bloom. They grow to only a few inches tall and make a beautiful carpet for a garden. Be careful if you have pets, however, as autumn crocuses are poisonous.

Balloon Flowers

You may have heard of these flowers by the name “Chinese Bellflowers.” The name balloon flower comes from the shape of the flower right up until it blooms. It puffs like a balloon. The name bellflower comes from it’s blossomed petals looking like a bell.


The beautyberry shrub is a year-round crowd pleaser. In the spring, lilac colored flowers bloom on the bush. For the fall and into the winter, bold purple berries decorated the plants to give color to your garden. They also make a beautiful decoration in a bouquet.


For those who like the fall color palette, celosia is for you. These little flowers are shaped like flames or teardrops. They bloom in deep, warm colors. They can be a tricky plant though as they only bloom some of the time. Still, they’d look great as in a floral centerpiece.


One of the hardest flowers to spell, but most beautiful to see is the chrysanthemum. Big, round flowers with a ton of petals, chrysanthemums complete any fall garden or bouquet. They come in a variety of colors too. Your local flower shop in Nashua NH will have chrysanthemums to please the whole family.


This fall flower is often called a “false sunflower.” That’s because of their bright yellow petals and darker center. Luckily, these are perennials so your heliopsis will grow back year after year. For those looking for a fall bouquet, heliopsis will make a beautiful addition.


With the fall comes a whole new crop of flowers to see. While these are a handful of seasonal flowers, there are so many more. Tickseed and turtlehead are two more, for instance. For more information on seasonal flowers, talk to your local flower shop in Nashua NH. Contact Anne’s Florals at 603.889.9903 or visit them online today!

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