Why Choose Flowers from Hudson, NH?

Flowers in Hudson NH from Anne'sWhy should you choose Anne’s Country Florals for your next bouquet? Because Anne does it best. It began with a passion and after hours of hard work and dedication, it became a successful business that churns out gorgeous flower arrangements every day.

Anne graduated from Rittners School of Floral Design in Boston, MA in 1979. While in school, she introduced herself to the business side of the floral world by working with an established flower shop. In 1984, Anne’s Country Florals opened in Hudson, NH. It is a family-owned and operated establishment and Anne continues to take pride in her small business. Eventually Anne went on to receive her New Hampshire Master Floral Design Degree, proving her dedication to her profession and her intent to continue to learn new ways to express her passion of florals.

As time went by Anne’s Floral gained more and more attention. The small business has won a slew of awards, including the Torch Award for an outstanding business record. Local funeral homes, churches and hospitals all recommend Anne’s flowers from Hudson, NH when dealing with clients of their own. This has helped Anne’s Florals to expand to include not only flowers but gifts as well. These gifts include, but are not limited to, sun catchers, sweet treats, cards, candy, candles, small statues and other knick-knacks. These gifts make a great addition to a floral arrangement or they can be enjoyed on their own.

We offer hundreds of floral arrangements and custom arrangements are always an option. Visit our website or stop by our shop to see our flowers in Hudson, NH today. We are located at 142 Lowell Road, Suite #6 Nottingham Square.

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