Your Local Windham Flowers: An Edible Treat!

Did you know that in addition to creating your beautiful centerpiece or bouquet, your local Windham flowers have been used for centuries as food sources and garnishes? At Anne’s Florals & Gifts, we offer a great selection of fresh flowers each day, providing NH residents with nearly every choice under the sun to help make your next floral arrangement the perfect

Edible flowers make a breathtaking salad or allow your plates to stand apart from the rest of its competition. They are wonderful additions to your dining room table and are coming back into vogue with haute cuisine. If you think this sounds a little strange, think about the last time you munched on some broccoli, cauliflower, or even artichokes.  All of these are flowers!

If you’re interested in choosing a selection of flowers to grace your table, it’s important to exercise some caution and use common sense.  As with all things grown, make sure you know what you’re eating.   Also, depending on the flower you’re choosing, you may need to prepare them differently.


Roses have long been used for teas and for decorating cakes and other dainty pastries.  All roses are edible and their flavor varies depending on variety, soil conditions, and color.  Darker rose varieties tend to have a more pronounced flavor.  Miniature roses are often used to garnish ice cream and other desserts.  They can make regular ice cubes transform into classy drink garnishes, and their petals have often been used to perfume butters and make syrups and jellies.


A favorite for many to use are peonies, and not just because it looks absolutely amazing on its own. Peonies were used in China to sweeten tea, and during the middle ages they were used to make peony water.


Chrysanthemums are a popular flower in floral arrangements.  They, too, are edible.  These should be blanched first before you scatter them over salads.  They taste tangy and can be used to flavor vinegar.  Young chrysanthemum leaves and stems are used widely in Japan in stir-fry recipes and as a salad season.

The next time you think you need to spruce up your next dinner party, come visit us for a wide selection of fresh flowers.  It doesn’t matter what you’re using your flowers for, Anne’s Florals & Gifts is sure to have the fresh selection you’re looking for.


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